Pricing for Freelance Services

The following prices are guidelines for our freelance writing and editing services.

Please note:

  • Each writing job is unique and prices may vary depending on agreed specifications.
  • Copywriting and ghostwriting are general terms, refer to the prices below for specific types of copywriting and ghostwriting.

Article Writing:

Up to 500 words: $55 .15¢ per word over 500
Up to 500 words (SEO enhanced): $75 .20¢ per word over 500

Copy Editing:

$30/1000 words

Substantive Editing:

$35/1000 words

Advertising Copy :

Newspaper or online ad (100 words maximum): $25
Radio Ad (30 seconds): $50-$100
Product information sheet ( 8 ½ x 11: 200-250 words): $50
Product brochure ( 8 ½ x 11 – 2 sided: 400-500 words): $50-$100
Advertorials (8 ½ x 11: 400-600 words): $25-$50

Print Campaigns - Press Releases, Newsletters, Flyers and Brochures:


3-6 articles of varying lengths (up to 400 words per article): $60-$100

Press releases:

250-400 words: $25-$50


Single blog (300-350 words) with search engine optimization: $40

Custom blog: This service provides ongoing personalized blogs written to fit the interests of your client base. We research your company in order to provide relevant and knowledgeable information. Custom blogs are about 300 words in length and include links to relevant sources.

1 custom blog per week for 4 weeks: $120.

Speech Writing:

From $30 per minute or one double spaced 8.5 x 11 page.

Cover Letters:

$35 per cover letter.

Content Writing:

Up to 500 words: $75
500-1000 words: $125
1000-1500 words: $175
1500-2000 words: $225


$10/1000 words

Custom Work / Hourly Rate:


Quote of the Month:

"It is perfectly okay to write garbage — as long as you edit brilliantly."

C. J. Cherryh

Boost your Word Power:

Pedagogical: of, relating to, or befitting a teacher or education.

Panacea: something that will make everything about a situation better.

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